Friday, May 11, 2007

Bonus post!

Since yesterday's post was so text-heavy, I figured I'd make it up to you and post some pictures today. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share at the moment. My friend Art sent me these pictures yesterday, so I figured I'll share them with you all.

Here is a nice "aerial" shot of Art's cityfight board(or Cities of Death board if you wan to be new-school about it).

Art's Armored Company. I think the best part of this picture is the Imperial Eagle that is stenciled on the board.

more Cities of Death buildings and a couple of Vehicles from his Sisters of Battle Army.


Don't fear good citizens! I have been working on my Thousand Sons Army. In fact, I spray primed my unit of screamers last night. Thrilling, I know.

I will be posting pictures next week, I promise!

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