Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorcerer Base Done

This weekend, I finished the base for my sorcerer and therefor, the entire miniature. Pictures for the complete model are on 2nd City Warzone.

Here are some detail pictures of the base.
Here you can see the glowing, cryptic, hexagram-thingee on the disc of Tzeentch.

Here's blasted Space Wolf Helmet.

A Hidden little imp and skull.

And my favorite, the owl, a symbol of secret, forbidden knowledge


Brian said...

Nice detailing. I have to ask you, where did the Owl come from? That's a brilliant touch.

I'm also particularly keen on the circle of arcane power at the sorcerer's feet. That's just a beautiful touch.

Brilliant work.

sovietspace said...

Wow, I love that, a very nice base indeed. I like how you've kept to dull colours, so as not to detract from the Sorcerer himself.

Oh, and like bsmoove, I gotta ask where the owl came from!

Scott said...

Thank you both!

The owl is from the Dryad frame for Wood Elves in WHFB. That's where I got the imp, too.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Where did you score the badass owl?

Anonymous said...

...nevermind. I need to read before I post. :P

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