Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Actual Pictures of Miniatures!

I know it's shocking, but I actually have some pictures of miniatures that I've been working on. I felt compelled to post more pics when my friend Chris linked to my site with the phrase "models painted well." I was horrified to realize that I had no pictures of miniatures (painted well or otherwise) on my front page (By the way, if you want cool stories of Alaska, check out his blog).


Behold! My first Daemonette:

I'm going to call this a work in progress since I'm not very happy with the way the gold turned out. I have to touch that up a bit. Plus, the base isn't finished, so there's that.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Game Store Alert!!

There have been rumor bouncing around locally-based web forums (Like Adeptus Windy City) that there is a new game store in Evanston. Ok, it's not Chicago, but it's pretty close. Plus, It's a independent game store not a GW store (No offence Jeff and crew of GWOP).

I made a trip to said store this week, and here I am to report back to you, my loyal readers (btw, if you're a loyal reader who doesn't live in the Chicagoland area, go read ++From the Warp++ or something).

Here's the facts: Gamer's Asylum, 611 Dempster, Evanston. www.gmasylum.com

It's a nice size store. They have two good sized gaming tables. They just opened, so they're not stocked to the gills like some games stores. Still, they had plenty of what I was looking for. Specifically, a handful of paints and a box of Bloodletters. 

The store is run by a very friendly father and son team. The father had his ork army on display and I was very impressed by the presence of some Rogue Trader-era miniatures.

I like this store a lot. I'd be nicer if it was closer, but hey, it's got everything else you could hope for in an independent game store: friendly knowledgeable staff, diverse products, gaming tables. 

I was thinking of giving them some unsolicited, vaguely anonymous, internet-based advice about what they should do with their store. I think I just keep an eye on how this develops and report back to youz guys when necessary.