Friday, September 28, 2007

Third Edition Chaos Retirement Party!

A couple weeks ago, I took a trip over to my friend Art's house to play a game of 40K. We actually met before hand to Games Workshop Oak Park so I could pick up a copy of the new Chaos Codex.

In some ways, I considered the game that followed a retirement party of sorts for the 3rd edition Chaos Codex (and good riddance!). I purposefully wrote a list that used as much 3rd edition stuff as possible. My list looked something like this:

HQ - Sorcerer Lord (Mark of Tzeentch, Disc, CCW, PW, Demonic Aura, Personal Icon, Familiar, Bolt of Change, Twisting Path)

Troops - two 9-man squads of Thousand Sons (Free Aspiring Champion and Icon, Champion armed with PW, familiar, Doom Bolt, Bolt of Change, and two Thralls)

-Two 9-man units of Demons (5 flamers and 4 horrors)

Heavy - Defiler with consecrating warp fire and mutated hull

Fast - 5-man unit of screamers

I unfortunately don't have Art's list nor did I take very good notes. what follows is pictures and a brief synopses of the game.

Here's a picture of the board set up:

We played secure and control with 5 loot counters. Since we were using such a 8x4 table for a 1200 point game, most of the loot counters ended up in our respective deployment zones. There was plenty of room to keep them 12" apart without having to go into the middle of the board.

I deployed most of my force(the defiler, and both units of sons) in the large ruins closest to my right flank. I deployed my HQ on my far left. I was hoping to use him to go tank hunting w/ Bolt of Change.

Pretty quickly, I realized two mistakes. Since I had tried to cram three units into one building, I had created a great target for Art's Basilisk, Leman Russ, and Hellhound. Also, as strong as my lord was, he was basically all alone on the left flank.

In the first turn, my HQ destroyed a lone Sentinel, but then was wiped out by a direct hit from the Russ. TheBasilisk then destroyed half of one of my son squads.

The rest of the game was very back and forth. My screamers performed very well for what will probably be their last outing. I used them to charge one of his large squads from behind. The guard broke and fled, but since the screamers were behind and flamers/horrors were in the front, they were wiped out.

I also have to commend Art's supreme commander. He was brave enough to charge a unit of flamers and caused enough wounds to force an instability test, sending the rest of the unit back to the warp.

In the end, Art held three objectives and contested one, while I only contested one. Good game over all.

Here are some more pictures:

Above is the only picture of my own forces I managed to take. my two units spent most of the game sheltered in this building against Basilisk shots.

Art's Command squad in their post-battle prayer meeting.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick Update

I've been super busy this week, but I couldn't let a week go by without an update. So above is the only miniature related work I got done this week. It's my HQ for my Thousand Sons Army. I attached his right arm with a magnet for easy storage/ transportation. I'm especially happy with the way the halberd came out (hereafter referred to as "the can opener").

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tip of the WeeK

I've been making a point of trying to post every Friday (or Thursday if I was away from a computer on that day). Unfortunately, I sort of blew my load earlier since I posted that big update on Tuesday.

So today, for consistency sake, is a painting tip for you.

The Painting Notebook!

A lot of people like to keep a notebook in their painting area to keep track of their painting projects. It's a good place to make lists of tasks that you can cross out as they're completed. It's also a good place to take notes on painting "recipes" so that you can re-create them later.

I only mention this because is used to be really good about writing in my notebook every time I mixed a new color or decided on what colors I was going o paint a particular area.

Then I got lazy and can't for the life of me remember how I did certain things previously. This is problem since I'm on my second unit of Thousand Sons and I can't remember how I did certain parts of the first unit. Luckily I have this blog. Now I just have to go back and search it for my old gold recipe. Still, if I had just kept up on that damned notebook...

Anyway, that's my tip of the week! There may be more next week.

In the meantime remember, if you're working on a very long term project where you can potentially forget something important later down the road, take notes!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Enchanted, Pt. II

Well, I'm finished with the Enchanted Blue stage of Squad #2. sorry, but these pictures came out terrible. I think I had my exposure set wrong.

Anyway, time to break out the Ice Blue!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Now for Something Slightly Different...

Well, it's not a Thousand Son, but it is Chaos. With the way this new codex is organized, there is really no reason for me to stick with a pure Thousand Sons army. I've decided to add contingent of Renegade Space Marines.

This is the first test miniature that I made from some spare parts I got in a bits trade. I want my force to represent a force of marines that has recently turned to chaos, so I plan to use a mix of Chaos and loyalist bits. You may notice on this miniature that one shoulder pad and the chest plate come from the loyalist sprue.

I have a ton of left-over bits from both my space wolves and my thousand sons. I'm hoping that this expansion will be a cheap one since I'll be using stuff I already have.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Ash Waste Setting for Necromunda

I recently popped over to the Specialist Games Website and noticed that they recently posted rules for setting Necromunda games in the Ash Wastes. The supplement can be found here, but fair waring, it's a 128 page PDF and may take a while to load.

Basically, this supplement adds vehicles to the game. I haven't given it a good read yet, but from the looks of it, the authors transplanted the GorkaMorka vehicle rules over to Necromunda. This could be very cool.

... And why you're visiting the Specialist games website, why not read the setting I wrote, Alevan Town (second place winner of the Necromunda settlement competition).