Friday, September 7, 2007

Now for Something Slightly Different...

Well, it's not a Thousand Son, but it is Chaos. With the way this new codex is organized, there is really no reason for me to stick with a pure Thousand Sons army. I've decided to add contingent of Renegade Space Marines.

This is the first test miniature that I made from some spare parts I got in a bits trade. I want my force to represent a force of marines that has recently turned to chaos, so I plan to use a mix of Chaos and loyalist bits. You may notice on this miniature that one shoulder pad and the chest plate come from the loyalist sprue.

I have a ton of left-over bits from both my space wolves and my thousand sons. I'm hoping that this expansion will be a cheap one since I'll be using stuff I already have.


Jeff aka, the Hammer said...

Looks cool. I just picked up my army box on Friday and I can't wait to get started.

Just thumbing through the codex, it looks like you can still include TSons squads, correct?

Scott said...

I haven't seen the new cosex, but from what I've read, TSons count as troops now.

In the old Codex (sorry if you already know this) they were elites unless your entire army had the mark of tzeentch. Then they would be troops.

Now, it's a lot easier to mix cult units (plague marines, noise marines, etc..) with regular CSMs since they're all troops.

Thanks for the comments and good luck with that army box. I would have bought one too if I wasn't so strapped for cash!

xenite said...

What are your ideas about painting them? I was always a fan of finding a way for the renegades to fit in to the rest of the army... perhaps they are followers of Tzeentch, but weren't part of the 1000 Sons that were turned into magic robots. That sort of thing was my idea for the Khorne marines that I wanted to do at one point. I was going to have the paint scheme be similar, but still easy to tell which were the berserkers, and which were just traitors.

Scott said...

I was planning on painting them a dark grey, but keeping their trim gold so that they still match a little with the Sons. I'll also have to figure out some details to paint blue, I just not sure what.

I don't think I'm going to make them followers of Tzeentch, though. I need a cheaper unit to balance out my expensive Sons.