Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thousand Sons Aspiring Champion Update

I just started the first layer of gold last night. I'm still not super happy with my skill with metallic paints. Still, this Aspiring Champion for my first Thousand Sons Unit is coming along pretty well. I've been making an effort to put the metallics on in thin layers.

Here's something else I did last night:

This is my first attempt at priming with guesso. The weather is getting warmer, but it's still not ideal conditions to spray prime. I checked on it this morning and it looks like the guesso dried in a nice even coat. I'm excited to try to paint over it, but you're supposed to wait at least 24 hours.


Old Coast said...

Scott, your sons continue to impress.
nice update on the blog too, those space wolves are very nice as well.
I will be about lurking at Adepticon all day tomorrow too. I am not playing just watching as I've never played in tourney before. It's going to be great to see peoples hardwork. What is Guesso?

Scott said...

We'll have to meet up tomorrow then. I'll have citizen nick on my tag. I'm also nerdy white guy with galsses (I know that narrows it down).

Guesso is a type of paint that is used to prime canvases for traditional 2D painting. some people calim it does a better job of priming than spray primer since it's harder to screw up. We'll see...