Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why can't Tzeentch get Apocalypse love?

I haven't bought Apocalypse,yet, but I've been paying attention to the news and rumors about it. So far, all the Datasheets I've read are pretty cool (I would buy several Tide of Spawn boxes if I could afford them).

The one thing that kinda burns me is that there are no Tzeentch specific Datasheets.

On the Apocalypse book itself, there is the Brass Scorpion (Khorne) and the Plague Reaper (Nurgle). Fine, they promised that more Datasheets would follow and the website, so no big deal.

Games Workshop just released more Datasheets (at this point only on the UK site). What do you know, another Khorne sheet (Maelstrom of Gore) and another Nurgle sheet (Zombie Plague).

Don't get me wrong, those sheets are awesome, but why no Tzeentch?

Edit - Since I posted this yesterday, GW has removed the datasheets from their website. Hopefully they'll be back soon.


m1ke said...

I guess they figured AP3 bolters should be enough for you!

Scott said...

It's never enough. You always want more!!
I still want my tzeentch super-heavy monolith.

xenite said...

I was going to say what M1ke said... jeez, give Tzeentch a inch and his minions (thats you Scott) think that they are a ruler! ;)

You should totally do the floating battle fortress thingy! Use the rules for some other unit. I say use baneblade rules but make it a slow skimmer perhaps.

Old Coast said...

WTF? why did they remove the data sheets?

I was going to say i am sure you got a Tzeentch data sheet on the way they just havent published/ come up with something they like yet.