Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Apocalypse Last Week Part 1

On Sunday, November 2nd, I took part in a 9,000 point Apocalypse battle organized by Eric and hosted by Nick. Despite what some people say about Apocalypse (I'm never going to let you live that down, John, ;) ),it was great fun.

The battle was between Orks (The Maplewaaaagh) and an Imperial coalition of Space Wolves and Witch Hunters (The Wolf Punks).

For now, I'm just going to post these pictures. Tune in tomorrow for more in-depth coverage. I'll also follow up on my previous post about Apocalypse.

The calm before the storm.

The entire table was bisected by barricades since both sides had the "Obstacles" Strategic asset.

Dawn breaks over the green tide.

Yep, that's a lotta orks!

Wolf Punks Anton and Matt mull over the battle plan.

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oni said...

WOW! That looked like one hell of a game.