Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Battle Photos

I've been getting in the habit of taking pictures of the games I play every other Monday. I really don't like writing battle reports, but I do like looking at pictures.

Anyway, here are some photos of last Monday's "Nerd Night."

I played against Eric and his Imperial Fists (formally the Highland Lions). It was an exciting Command and Control game that came down to a very close draw. I guess it was so exciting that I forgot to take any pictures except for the one above and this one...
...of my Tzeentch Herald facing of against a land speeder (which was downed the next turn).

Since our game was pretty short, I took some pictures of the game happening on the table next to me:

It was a battle between Nick's Angels of Absolution and Chad's Varrian 10th Imperial Guard.



Chicago Terrain Factory said...

"I really don't like writing battle reports, but I do like looking at pictures."

Which is funny, because I don't read battle reports but I do stop to look at the pictures.

Scott said...

Me too. I like the idea of battle reports, but unless they're in WD, I rarely read them.

Capt. Liam Shaw said...

crimson fists...
By the Emperor, we shall see your daemons back to the warp too!

Scott said...

Oh man, I keep doing that! Crimson Fists! Not imperial fists.

Right, which would explain why they're blue, not yellow.