Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Request for Feedback and Other Important Business

This year I've strip down this blog to just the basics. It's been a few months since I moved to the current format of switching off between progress pictures and in-game pictures.

So how do you like it so far?

Speaking of progress pictures, I have been plugging away at my Bloodletters. Unfortunately, I broke my camera during a pinata-bashing session at a baby shower this weekend. No, I didn't hit it with a bat. I just dropped it.

Here's a picture that someone else took of me about to rip the candy heart out of the beast that indirectly cause this tragedy:

Anyway, it will be a little bit before I show any more pictures, but that's where you come in. I need suggestions on a camera. I will mainly be using it to take pictures of the kids, but obviously, I need one that can take pictures of miniatures, too (although it seems like almost all cameras have macro now). Suggestions, anyone?

For the past several years, I've been posting pictures of Adepticon. However, for a wide variety of reasons, I wasn't able to attend this year. I will however post links to other blog that I think did a good job of coverage.

For example, John at plastic legions.

Finally, I have jumped on a bandwagon I would normally avoid and have summoned a Daemon Adoptable. It can be found on the right hand column. If you have no other feedback or suggestions, please at least click my Daemon.

I will be back soon with pictures of bloodletters. Stay tuned.


John@Plastic Legions said...

Scott, missed you at Adepticon..but honestly I was so freaking busy with two touraments we barely would have got a word in anyway..we need to hook up and catch up some was the party? Thanks for the link

ThirdxParty said...

I like the stripped down format. Even though I see you every few weeks its awesome staying updated on what you're working on and I always enjoy your post Nerd Night commentary. I'm not sure how it is for people outside our circle but I'm into it.

Peter said...

lol, if you squint at the piniata in the picture it could kinda be a furry thunderhawk :P
that's helpful to know!

Scott said...

John - the party was a blast. Not quite as wild as some of our parties, but when the hostess is 8 months pregnant, it's to be expected. We sould get a beer @ the handlebar again sometime.

Peter - Furry Thunderhawk, huh? I can see that. I think I feel a Datasheet coming out of this.

Pedro Kantor said...

I always enjoy your blogs scott.... Stripped down or not.