Friday, July 27, 2007

Chicago Games Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Chicago's Games Workshop Games Day. For the first time since they started doing these in Chicago, I won't be attending.

I have mix feelings about this. While I like saying that I went to games day, I usually walk away trying to convince myself that it was worth the ticket price. Except for last year when I volunteered and walked away wondering if my time was worth it.
I think the problem with Games Day is that it seems to be tailored to young kids new to the hobby. The hobby for me has never been about screaming "Waaaaagh!!" When I started it was about being alone inhaling paint fumes in my mother's basement.

Anyway, I'm not here to go on about the relative merits of Games Day... but let me say this last thing...

I have to commend Games Workshop for having a combat patrol tournament for free at games day. I don't think I have the stamina to do a two day long grand tournament, nor do I want to pay the money for it. But a handful of 400pt 40k games? Sign me up... next year.

So, no I'm not going. I'll be in Missouri floating down some river in a canoe.

Have no fear! I have agents who will be attending on my behalf (and buying me forge world stuff). They promised to take pictures for me. Hopefully, I will have some kind of report for all of you on Monday.

The Adeptus Windy City Crew from Games Day Chicago 2006

Update: Games Day hasn't even really started yet and people are already posting pictures of it on Warseer!! Craziness!!

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