Thursday, July 10, 2008

So Long 4th Edition

... We hardly knew ya'.

No really, I was still forgetting rules when I played what was probably my last 4th edition game two weeks ago. What can I say, I'm not good at remembering rules.

Anyway, I usually try to look on the positive side of any change, but today I'm going to be a negative. Meaning, here's a list of four things from 4th Edition that I'm not going to miss.

1. Area Terrain Abuse: I hate it when someone puts their unit just around the corner of area terrain and claims that it blocks line of sight. How does 1.5" of sidewalk next to a building make you invisible? There is this one piece of terrain that my gaming group uses that's a rectangular area that surrounded by a fence. It's a chain link fence! I can see right through it!

2. Useless 3" Blasts: I never understood 3" blasts where you'd to roll for partials. How many models could you rally hit with that? Maybe three if you're really, really lucky. You still won't be able to hit that many, but at least models can't "roll" out of being hit.

3. Two Vehicle Damage Charts: Who thought that was a good idea to begin with? I have to remember two charts? Oh wait, there were three, weren't there? Even worse.

4. Line of Sight Abuse: "Oh! My unit can only see your sorcerer, I'll guess he'll have to be removed if you fail any saves!" For you loyal to the Emperor, replace "Sorcerer" with "Heavy Weapons Trooper." Bah!!

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xenite said...

I agree with you on not missing those elements of the game. Most of the abstract mushiness of close combat is better off dead in my opinion as well. I am looking forward to 5th ed!