Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Sorcerer WIP Shots

Here are more in-progress shots for my Chaos Sorcerer. The shots above and below were taken last week sometime, but I forgot to post them.

I dragged out my aspiring champions and a couple of Thousand Sons just to make sure I was keeping the colors consistent.

Here is what the sorcerer looked after this morning's painting session:

A lot of the blending is still pretty rough (particularly around the helmet, but I'm happy with how it's going so far.

Also, does anyone out there remember this paint company:

This used to be my favorite brands back when I started painting in the late 80s. I held on to this bottle long after it dried out. It's metal cap makes a great place to stick my magnetized mini and use as painting handle. I knew I held on to it for a reason.

Anyway, I don't see myself getting any more painting done before Adepticon, so that's it for now.

Speaking of Adepticon, keep an eye on 2nd City Warzone for what me and the other guys will be doing. Hope to see you there!

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sovietspace said...

Thats looking very nice indeed mate, the yellow is really bold and strong which I like! Looking forward to seeing it finished :)