Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sorcerer Very Nearly Done!

The eye on his "casting" hand is going to be red. I'm planning on doing some object source lighting to make it look like it's glowing. I'm pretty intimidated by it, so hopefully it's not a complete disaster.

I need to start working on the elaborate base after that.


bsmoove said...

This is a really inspirational piece. The hand and eye are tremendously cool, the washes on the metallics look great, and that magnet trick is something I've never, ever seen before.

Very cool.

Scott said...

Thanks a lot!

There are actually magnets in the sholder and backpack too. I originally did it so to make transport easier, but it also makes a handy way to count wounds. Lose one wound, the backpack comes off; lose a second the arm comes off. It's very Monty Pythonesque.

D'nyarak said...

the sorcerer looks great! I like the contrast between the blue armor that looks alive and the decaying metals.

you must go through a lot of magnets! Being able to take off parts while panting would be really helpful though, I'll have to keep that in mind going forward.

Norawho said...

This is crazy, and it is making me very hot.

ahschmidt said...

Nice!! This guy is really coming together.

It was cool to catch up a little at Adepticon. We'll have to get together once your house-madness is over.


Kuffeh said...

This guy looks great. I love the blue tones for his armour, and the eye in the palm of his hand looks great. I'm sure it will be even better with the addition of some source lighting.

bsmoove said...

I can picture it. "right, I'll do you for that." Great stuff. Again, brilliant work with the magnets.