Thursday, February 28, 2008

One for the Road

I know I said that the blog was on hiatus, but I just can't stay away.

I came across this article yesterday (thanks to GoffRokka at AWC for pointing this out). While the zenithal lighting effect is something I want to incorporate more in my paining, I was much more interested in what the article says about painting with washes. James Whipple demonstrated a similar painting method in the Adepticon class I took with him last year.

So last night I had some time and a horror miniature that I had previously primed white, so I decided to give it a go.

Here's it after two hours of work:

One problem I had with this miniature is its crappy undercoat. A while back, I decided to try priming with gesso since I hated spraying them. I've had less experience with it, so it came out a little clumpy. I think I laid it on a little too think in some parts and a little too thin in others. That, and the fact that gesso doesn't seem stick to metal very well made for an extremely uneven undercoat.

I didn't go for any zenithal lighting on this miniature. It's a demon that's supposed to be made of pure warp magic, so I wanted the light to look almost internal.

Since this is just a basic troop, I didn't want to spend a ton of time on it. I made the washes a lot thicker than the article recommends. Plus, with something this light, it didn't take many washes. I can see what the author says about this process taking a ling time. It took me two hours to rush through basically two colors. I think I'll use this process to paint my HQ units, but I'll slow it down a lot.

I'm not happy with this picture, so I'll take more when I get back.

That's all for now, ya'll. I'm off on my honeymoon!!!

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