Monday, February 11, 2008

Terrain Monday, Again!

Oops, did I say every Monday. I meant every other. Anyway, he's more of Art's stuff...

For you Chicagoans out there, this piece is inspired by the asphalt factory at Pulaski and the Stevenson (I-55).

Yeah, it's basically two coffee cans, some tuna cans, and a couple of yogurt cups.


Old Coast said...

I remember having my Marines climb up on that exact platform, thinking it was going to give me cover vs your flamer demons and you totally wasted me! LOL, I am finishing up some new terrain this weekend, I will get some new pic on sunday and send them by-
Hope you guys are doing well-

Reinwood99 said...

I'm not from Chicago, but I love the factory smoke towers. Great colors and weathering.