Thursday, April 3, 2008


My wife bought me a subscription to White Dwarf for my birthday last year. I've really enjoyed it, but this month, it annoyed me. I received issue 338 about February 6th. I was feverishly anticipating issue 339 because I knew that it was going have a bunch of Chaos Apocalypse datasheets in it.When I didn't get it by about the 25th of March, I called GW Mail order.

Say what you will about GW in general, their customer service it great. They sent out my issue and I got it this Tuesday.

Unfortunately, by that time, they had already posted the datasheets online.

Still, it's a decent issue. I really like when they write articles about the history of their various games. Since this issue marks the anniversary of WHFB, they had a lot of articles detailing it's history.

The oddest part about this whole fiasco is that I'm not the only person who hasn't gotten his issue 339. Everyone I know that lives in Chicago failed to receive their issue. I have friends who live in the suburbs that got their issues on time.

What happened to Chicago's issues? I suspect Privateer press is somehow behind this.


xNick Baranx said...

I bumped into Anton yesterday and he said my issue didn't arrive there either. I should call them right now.

Scott said...

Ah-ha! Another victim.