Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tip of the week

For the longest time, I just used old plates a painting palettes. Most of these were your basic grandma's china/ thrift store special. They got the job done even though sometimes the flowery designs got distracting.

After I had broken several of these plates, I decided it was time to invest in something nicer. I headed over to my local Blick art store and picked up a set of stacking porcelain bowls with a lid. The set is shown on the left in the picture below.

The set had five bowls at one time, but I broke one. I'm embarrassed to say that I paid in the area of $30 for this set of bowls. I thought that was awful high, but I really liked the set.

Fast forward to about two weeks ago. My wife and I were in Crate and Barrel trying to spend a gift card we had received as a wedding gift. I had never shopped at this store, but they carry a lot of plates, dishes, flatware, etc. I specifically noticed that they carried a lot of little porcelain dishes.

I really liked these little square ones pictured on the right. The best part is that they were only a buck a piece. I found them at Crate and Barrel's hipper "urban" incarnation CB2.

Granted, this made me feel like a yokel for having paid so much for a stack of pallets. Especially since these new ones were not only cheaper but actually easier to use.

I'd like to eventually get this, but right now it'd take up too much space on my tiny desk.


Nick Baran said...

When I worked at GW we used ceramic tiles.

For the last 10 years I've been using the clear blister pack material from when I'd buy metal figs, as well as yogurt cup lids (soy yogurt of course!)

I like these items because they are destined for the trash or recycle bin anyway and can get some additional use before they head to their landfill destination, or the recycling plant.

Not as stylish on the painting table but a good way to reuse an otherwise useless item.

Oh, and in my fury to get tanks painted for Adepticon I've been using the flat non-visible areas as pallets because I needed more space on my tray for my "assembly line". The advantage here is that there is no waste. No additional items bought and no paint tainted items going into a landfill, the pallet gets "sealed up" within the item being painted.

I'm an idiot.

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Ceramic wall tiles - best thing for paint pallets. Priced at less than a buck a piece and wash up cleanly. I've been using the same one for years.

Scott said...

I've always thought gaming, especically building terrian, is a great way to recycle old packaging. My problem, of course is that I find a lot more stuff than I get around to using.

I never thought of using the miniature AS a pallet. That's pretty cool.

I defiantely save my plastic blister packs for mixing epoxy on.

After the last elections, Clare ws left with a bunch of postcards from some politician with whom she had done some work. I pulled them out of our recycle bin and stowed them in my desk. Glossy postcards; also good desposible pallets.

I thought of trying to use a flat tile, but I use so many washes, that I need soemthing that will hold really runny paint.

Still, I know a lot of people who have used tiles and loved them. Tahnksm Rich and Nick.