Thursday, April 24, 2008

There's a Disturbance in the Blog-o-sphere

I now interrupt my half-assed Adepticon coverage with two new blog links.

First up is the blog of nine-time Golden Demon winner, Dave Pauwels:
Rabid Bat Studio

There are some great miniatures on this site. Everyone should go over there and pressure Dave to paint even more.

Secondly, here is a new blog by Nick Barran:
Redemptors of Golinar

Nick is in the the same gaming group as me, a former game store co-owner, and former GW employee. Nick has already posted some great articles and I'm sure there will be more to come.

I've made some changes to links. I've removed a couple of blogs that have ceased activity. I also removed the Warseer link because I figure most people know how to get there themselves. Plus, blogs are better than forums any day!

Stay positive, people!


xNickBaranx said...
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xNickBaranx said...

You're the best Scott, thanks for the promotion.

I am eagerly awaiting more Thousand Sons coverage from you... Or daemons!

Paint paint paint paint paint...

I go back to work full time starting tomorrow. We'll see how it affects the productivity of my blog. No more of this "care free" lifestyle for the next 6 months.

Edited to include the words: "from you"