Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not a Battle Report

I took some pictures of the game I played against Nick on Monday and wanted to share. So this is not a battle report, just pictures of a battle. Enjoy...

The setup.

This was a Command and control game, and I think I put too many units on his objective(upper right in the picture), and not enough on mine (not pictured, but to the lower left).

The most aesthetically pleasing close combat of the game. His tactical squad against the only fully painted unit in my army.

I'm proud of these screamers. They took a full tactical squad worth of rapid fire right in the "face" and only lost one member.

My favorite point in the game, when I smoked two dreadnaught on one turn (and by smoked I mean destroyed).

In the end, the game was a draw. A real blast of a game.

Here's a bonus shot:
For those of you that follow Nick's blog, you've seen the terrain he's recently finished. Still, I didn't appreciate the enormity of the rock spire until I saw it in person. I hope this picture shows that. In the foreground are Eric's new Crimson Fists.

Tune in tomorrow for a monumental update.


Matt said...

great pics and good report. Love that terrain. Good lookin terrain certainly does make for games that seem more fun. Atleast to me.

Scott said...

I agree. It's motivation to get my figures done so that they look as good as the board I'm playing on.

ThirdxParty said...

All your terrain compliments warm my heart!