Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thousand Sons, Rohm Dutt's Squad

Finally, after working on this unit for what seems like an eternity, I have finally finished my second Thousand Sons unit.

This unit was my motivation to vow to only do one unit at a time for the rest of the year. I'm very happy that I decided that. I feel a lot better without this unfinished unit looming over me.

One big concern for me was that the second squad matched the first squad. It's funny, because I've been working for them on and off for so long, my painting style and skill level has changed a bit. However, I think the above photo shows that they match pretty well.

You'll see in the picture that the two from the first squad (on the right) have only one stripe on their tabards where the new squad has two. Also, in an effort to differentiate them, I added more silver elements to their backpack (which you can't see in these photos).

The sorcerer for this unit is still a work in progress. I've this sorcerer Rohm Dutt, thus the title of this post.

I think I can get this guy done in one more session. Then, I have to pick a daemon unit to finish.


eriochrome said...

Nice work. I really hate fighting 1K Sons armies. Impossible to kill and perfectly set up to slaughter my marines. Last game I played I managed a draw since the game ended at turn 5 but I had lost an entire tac squad, most of a sternguard squad, most of a scout squad, and several vehicles with only killing 2 oblits, 1 1K son termi, and a daemon prince. Never even got a scratch on the 1K Marines.

73rd said...

Good job with the painting, they certainly match your previous unit and they are just as brilliantly painted mate

RonSaikowski said...

You usually se them painted a nice, clean blue color wih bright yellow.

I like the darkness of these guys.

Nice job.

Scott said...

Thanks all! Yeah, I really wanted a dark, ancient look with these guys.

it's good to hear they're still tough in games, too. While using them with the 3.5 codex, I won most of my games. However, with the 4th edition codex, I've yet to win one.

However, that may be more to do with the fact that I've been playing with the one painted unit while this second one sat in a drawer. I'm curious to see how I'll do with two units of tsons back in my list.

ThirdxParty said...

Scott, you are just cruising it seems! I'm very excited to see some of your projects completed. Maybe I'll put an hour or two into my own projects to celebrate your victory!

Matt said...

Those guys look really good. I like the dark feel. It really makes them chaotic. Good Work.