Thursday, May 24, 2007

Big Thousand Sons Update

I've actaully been sitting on these pictures for a little while. As you can see, my first squad of Thousand Sons is complete appart from basing. I plan to do that this weekend.

Below are some close shots of my thousand sons aspiring champion.

I'm not a big fan of decals so I freehand painted both the Thousand Sons badge and this symbol of Tzeentch.

In other news, this weekend I plan to take on Old Coast from Plastic Legions! That's right, it's a battle of the blogs! Which Blog will triumph!

Report to follow...


Hancock.Tom said...

These look great! I am going to start painting my thousand sons soon, and I am going to use these pics as a goal. I love how you have managed not to make them look too bright. I dislike the "yellow striped ultramarine" look you see on so many Ksons. Any tips on freehanding for those of us who haven't tried it much? Also, what varnish are you using, if any? Your minis don't seem shiny at all.

Scott said...

I actually haven't coated them yet. I usually use Citadel or Testers Dull Coat spray. They're both nice and matte.

As far a freehand goes, you should thin your paint a lot for the first go. It flows a lot better and it's not as opaque. If you screw up, it’s easier to cover. Then just build up layers.

A thin brush with long bristles helps too. It holds more paint so you can use it almost like a pen.

Hancock.Tom said...

Thanks. I've got a few minis in line before the tzeentch stuff gets under the brush, but when I do I'll stop back by and thank you again!

Dave Pauwels said...

The K-Sons look excellent. I'm looking forward to seeing more. Are they part of a potential Adepticon Team Tournament army?