Thursday, May 10, 2007

First Blood!

Or should I say, "First Dust" since Thousand sons technically don't have blood.

Sorry, what I mean to say is that I played my first game with my thousand sons this week. I'm in an escalation campaign that will be starting in a couple weeks. We're going to be starting at 300 pts and earning more points as the weeks go on. Since I'm not sure how well the sons do at such low points cost, I wanted to get a practice game in.

For this low points cost, were allowed to halve the minimum squad requirement. This means I can take demon packs as small as two models. I ended up taking a full unit of Sons and a unit of four screamers. The Aspiring Champion had Doom Bolt, Demonic Strength, and Demonic Visage.

I played against my friend Eric who is starting a Space Marine Army. He had two Tactical squads, both with plasma guns and one assault squad with jump packs.

I won first turn, but figured since I'm going nowhere fast, I'll just let him go first and let him come to me. I gave him the first turn and he just moved his two tactical squads forward.

My first turn was great. I rolled a 5 for my Slow and Purposeful roll and moved into range of his closest tactical squad. I opened up with all bolters and the Doom Bolt. He failed four of his saves and fell back.

I was feeling pretty good at that point, but the rest of the game he saved against all my shooting and charged my by turn three. My screamers didn't show up until turn four and at that point they couldn't be much help.

Turn six ended with him still having one scoring unit but me having more wounds on the board. Since this was a practice game and we didn't have a scenario, we just called it a draw.

It was definitely a learning experience. I'm thinking that I need to write several lists depending who my opponent is. I think until I can afford two units, I'm going to buy myself a familiar for my Aspiring Champion and invest more points into another power. That way, he can be a lot more versatile on the field.

The campaign starts in two weeks, so I'll be sure to post results of my first battle soon after.


Old Coast said...

How about some pics of that Aspiring Champ!

Scott said...

In due time my friend...