Friday, August 17, 2007

Can I get a codex?

I've been reading a lot of forum posts lately about the new Chaos Codex being released in September. The thing that shocks me is how many people already claim to own copies of the codex. One person on Warseer even went so far as to start a post titled, "Better late than never: My review of the Chaos Space Marine Codex."

Better late than never? The thing hasn't even been released yet!

Back when I had an independent retailer I could go to, it wasn't uncommon to get things like this early. The store would get the preview copy and instead of letting it sit on display, the owner would sell it. I can only assume that something similar is happening to all these people who claim to own a copy.

Then again, maybe they just bootlegged it.

Anyway, I just want to make an appeal to the Internet and its fine denizens:

Can I get a chaos codex? Please?

No, I don't want a bootleg PDF version. I want an honest-to-goodness, hold in my hand and flip the real pages, Chaos Space Marine Codex.

Can someone do that for me? Does some one out there have mad Games Workshop hook-ups that they can pass along?

I've been blogging about chaos for a while now. Doesn't that deserve something?


John said...

Ok, I am still laughing my ass off
on your linked thread, where you get solicted by an insurance agent about insuring your miniatures!, WTF?
was he just cruising random blogs looking for new clients?

Anyway, I agree its retarded that we are still like a month out on the official US release and people act like it came out a month ago. I am at GWOP on tuesday and will ask Jeff if can enlighten us or better yet pull out his secret copy.

Scott said...

You know what, I might be able to meet you at GWOP on Tuesday. I won't have time to play, but maybe Jeff will let me touch the preview copy.

It's funny you mention that insurance salesman,I had forgotten about that. I think that was actually Clare.

Scroll down to the Jan 18th post. There are some funny comments there.

John said...

Yes, I love the priceless blog comedy!- yeah Felix and there tuesday doing our Wood Elves vs Empire game..if your free swing by, cool.

Green Shoes said...

The copies everyone and their mothers are talking about are undoubtedly bootlegs. I have one myself, in fact. I agree however that the feelings of "It's old new, n00blet" are unwarranted, as many things may have been changed (please, dear God, let them have changed Lash...) and nobody really wants to play against unreleased rules.