Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Slow and Purposeful

The title of this post doesn't only apply to the Thousand Sons, it also describes my painting habits. I paint at least one day every week, I just paint slowly. Oh well, the tortoise beats the hare, right.

Anyway, ever since I've started this blog, I've wanted to have some good progress shots. I have to say that this is a lot more challenging than I expected. First off, learning to take pictures of miniatures is an art in itself. Besides that, I can't figure how people get consistent poses from shot to shot to show progress.

Below is my attempt.

When I started my second squad of Thousand Sons, I decided that this miniature was going to be my example. This first shot is with only the black undercoat:

This one is after the midnight blue is added. Midnight blue is very dark, so it doesn't show up very well:

Finally, the latest step, Regal Blue:

Next up, Enchanted Blue. Watch this space.


ahschmidt said...

Your poses are fine for this article frankly. However, if you want to have a very locked down pose, here is something that could help.

1. put a bit of tape, or a paint mark on the back of the base of the mini.
2. Use this to line up with a mark on your shooting surface. If you trace a feint circle as well, you should be able to have a consistent position, and orientation (rotation) for the mini.
3. Tape down the tripod for the camera so it doesn't change.

All of this assumes that you have a shooting area that can stay set up while you paint. These tips are from doing stop-motion animation which is very sensitive to changes in shots as you can imagine.

Another thing that you should consider is if you can get a copy of photoshop, run your images through auto-contrast, auto-color, and auto-levels. This is an easy step that you can do to make your pics look better. If you want I can walk you through this.

Scott said...

Thanks, Aaron.

Yeah, part of the problem is that I take down my light box construct after every picture. I don't have enough space to keep it up all the time. Still, your commnets are useful.

I just got photoshop, but haven't installed it yet. When I do, Ill give you a holler.