Monday, August 13, 2007

Why the Hell Did I Buy This?

This pile of bits is from the "Mega Bits Grab Bag" that I ordered from the Battle Wagon Bits when they were closing operation.

I can't say that it was completely worth it. I got a few cool things that I proabaly won't have ordered if I didn't get them here. There's some Elf archer bits, a Tomb Kings standard top, three goblin shamans from Battle for Skull Pass, a complete markerlight drone, and some dark angels bits. Come game night, I'll probably be trading most of this stuff away.


Old Coast said...

LOL, I know man this turned out to be the biggest screw job of all time for this hobby. I was going thru my bag again this weekend and thinking how I paid about $30 for it and I am thinking "well some of this is cool but I really have no need for it".

To think I bought this over buying another complete box set of something useful or cool when their closing prices on boxes were 35-40% off retail just make me mad. DUMB.
well at least maybe we can all trade and get something useful for ourselves.

MasterOrias said...

That bites, guys. I remember seeing that deal and considering it for about 5 minutes. Glad I didn't jump on it.

I've heard from several sources that they pretty much got the shaft.

Scott said...

I tradeed a lot of it awy last night for soem random chaos bits for when I get around to building my Lost and the Damned army.

You're right, I should have just bought some box set.

More power to you Master orias for resisting the urge.

bittenbydesign said...

Honestly, I saw it and was very tempted with the whole thing, but after some serious thought, I just decided I didn't NEED another ton of crap in my bits box. If I wanted random junk, I can get it in bulk grabs from ebay.

I just thought they priced it too high for what it was. If it was the last of their stocks and that was just everything left, I could understand. But I am guessing it was just crap that they had too much of and wasn't selling...

Sorry you guys got stung.