Monday, April 2, 2007

Adepticon Recap Pt. I

Well, Adepticon 2007 has come and gone. What an awesome event this was. I had so much more fun than I did last year, and I'm even more excited about next year.

My favorite part was being able to meet up with people I normally only communicate with over the Internet. That experience is kinda odd in itself as people rarely look like you picture them. Still, I was glad to have real-world communications with a lot of cool people.

I ran into Rich Nelson in the bathroom. He was getting water for the plaster to be used in his Hirst Arts seminar. I overheard him telling someone this fact and realized it was him. It was odd because I also realized that I had in fact met him face-to-face before, but had just somehow disconnected the face and the on-screen personality.

The other face to face meeting was almost as odd. I was sitting in the lobby killing time waiting for the Forge World people to show up. I was on the phone with my girlfriend, and a guy sat down across from me, apparently also killing time. Just then Jervis Johnson walked by. I stood up to introduce myself to Jervis and mentioned my blog to him. The guy sitting there realized who I was and introduced himself as "Old Coast" who I know from AWC (you should check out his new blog ).

As I suspected, I did play in the same Blood Bowl league as James Wappel many years ago. His object source lighting seminar was amazing. I'll talk about that more later in another post.

I also got to meet the Fly Lords of Terra who have an awesome blog that you should also check out. These guys were super cool and it was a pleasure talking about blogging with them.

I also have to give a special shout out to Brian for picking me up and driving my car-less but out to Shaumburg on Friday.

There is a lot more to talk about and more pictures to post. Here are a couple to hold you over for now.

Here is the hall pre-Gladiator Tournament and pre-gamer funk.

Dan here was a judge for the Gladiator tournament on Friday. Yes, that chain is real... Real weird that is (Just kidding, Dan. Don't beat me).

This is me looking totally insane during an Aeronautica Imperialis demo game.

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