Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Adepticon Recap Pt II

On Saturday, I took my son with me to Adepticon. He's only six, but I figured he'd get a kick out of seeing all the cool armies and meeting more of my friends. He definitely had a good time.

One memorable conversation went something like this:

Max (pointing at a Tau Hammerhead):"Look, Dad, it's one of those tanks you don't like."

Me: "Yep, that's a Hammer head all right."

Anton (my regular Tau adversary): "Hey Max, you know who's always beating your dad with those tanks? Me, that's who."

On one hand, I'm proud that Max was able to identify a Tau Hammerhead from pictures I've shown him in White Dwarf. On the other hand, I had to walk away in the shame that my son knows I can't down a skimmer to save my life.

Anyway, on to more Saturday highlights, the main one being the Aeronautica Imperialis demo game we got to play. Oddly enough, Max and I ended up playing Tau. Apparently, our adversaries don't have the same problems I do shooting down Tau vehicles. Max's and my fighters were shot down on the second turn. Jason, our ally, wasn't able to avenge our deaths, making it a bad day for Tau in the skies of the 41 millennium.

I found the game itself a whole lot of fun to play. You have these cards which you play on your aircraft at the beginning of the turn. These cards represent maneuvers that your craft can do at any point in their movement. Order of play is determined by a d6 roll at the beginning of the turn. Then the sides alternate moving one craft at a time until everything on the table has moved. Then shooting is carried out in the same way. I liked the change of pace from the typical 40K set up of one side moving everything and then shooting everything. It made the game seem a lot more tense.

Here are some pictures:

Our game in progress.

Max keeping watch over our "ghost planes" while Jason fails to avenge us.

Another shot of the action.

This is the other Aeronautica Imperialis board. I wish we would have gotten a chance to play on this one as well. It's a stunning board.

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