Thursday, April 5, 2007

Adepticon Recap pt. III

I've been holding off posting these last few pictures because I wanted to give the people who painted these armies credit for their work. Unfortunately, I lost the piece of paper that listed everybody's names and armies. If it turns up, I'll post make sure they get credit.

Anyway, now for the rest...

I admire this guys commitment. Not as strong as say, this, but still, a good showing of spirit.

Not much to say about this one besides that fact that i just thought it was a well painted Tyranid force.

I do have this guy's info. These are the Iron Lions Space Marines by Dan LeMier. I really like these speeder conversions. Nicely done.

A great looking 13th company force with a lot of wolves!

I've long thought that the local pet supply store was a great place to find stuff for gaming terrain (sand, fish tank decorations, fake plants). I never thought you'd also be able to find drop pods there as well.

I have few more pictures to post, but it might be a little while. I need to get back to my Sons!

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Old Coast said...

great adepticon photos!
Hah!, still got to laugh as those Hamster Ball drop pods. cool.

Whats new hobbywise?, looking forward to the next Son's update..I updated mine today as well.

John H.