Friday, January 18, 2008

Gaming Comics

I really like comics. As evidence by this blog, I also like gaming. Therefore, I really, really like it when gaming and comics are combined.

This is basically my convoluted way of saying I've added a list to the right over there of links to my favorite gaming related webcomics. Check them out. I will point out that Secret Lives of Mobs is on hiatus at the moment. Still, if you've never seen it before, the old ones will be new to you.

Also, Misfire has recently returned to the scene after disappearing for sometime. Unfortunately, they have yet to get into the routine of posting frequently. Hopefully they will soon because what they've posted so far is pretty funny.

Some other stuff...

Rich over at Chicago Terrain Factory has added an interesting feature to his blog. It's a list of RSS feeds from 40 different hobby blogs (including the one you're reading Right now). Click on over there and look to the right sidebar. it's pretty cool.

Dude, Where's my Demon Engine? I wanted to follow up my last post about the Codex: Demon rumors. I was pretty excited at the early rumors of this codex because they seemed to hint that there would be two different demon engines: an "unbound" defiler and some kind of mutant amalgamation of various tanks from other armies.

As the rumors have gotten more specific of late, it seems that there is only one demon engine in the codex and it's just another version of the defiler. Still cool, I'm sure, but the more demon engines the better, I say.

Damn you, Hackers! Adeptus Windy City, my hometown forum, got hacked this week. Bastards! The data center where the forum is hosted seems to have it's head up it's ass, so about a month's worth of posts are gone! Very sucky, but the administrator has gotten things running pretty smoothly again, so hats off to him.

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xenite said...

I love that comic strip by the way!!

I think that demon engines would be a great 'counts as' project for any chaos vehicle you can think of from the CSM codex... but thats my answer for everything.